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        Heat Treatment Accessories

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        Ceramic Fiber Blanket

        Aluminum silicate insulation material is mainly composed of aluminum silicate, 1050 degrees of heat-resistent. It can also be covered by a layer of ceramic fiber blanket in order to extend the using life. It is necessary to pay attention to personal protection when operation.
        Following specifications for reference:

        Ceramic Fibre 96kg Density, 25mm x 610mm x 96kg x 7.20m
        Ceramic Fibre 96kg Density, 50mm x 610mm x 96kg x 3.60m
        Ceramic Fibre 128kg Density, 25mm x 610mm x 128kg x 7.32m
        Ceramic Fibre 128kg Density, 50mm x 610mm x 128kg x 3.66m