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        Intelligent Heat Treatment Machine

        ZWK-B Series Intelligent Heat Treatment Machine

        ZWK-B Series Intelligent Heat Treatment Machine adopts the advanced temperature program control instrument from Japan. The machine can run and record temperature automatically by inputting process curve directly, which can not only guarantee the product quality, but also significantly extend the life of the heater. It uses a high-power transformer. It can reduce the voltage to the safe voltage output of 80V, 60V and so on, to meet the use of heater with different voltage, generally 60V. Its characteristics are not electric shock and more safe to use. This machine can be matched with various heaters for pre-heating and post-welding heat treatment. The numbers of temperature control record can be produced according to customer's requirements. This product is available in portable and cabinet type. The incoming voltage is 380v/415v/440v/480v three-phase 50Hz/60Hz AC. Our company provides various types and specifications of temperature-controlled cabinet. When selecting the type, Customers can select the right type according to the heating range, heating process requirements and heating site requirements.   


        Type Wattage(KW) Channels Record points Input Voltage Max Current Output Voltage
        ZWK-B50 50 6 6 380V/415V/440V/480V  50/60Hz
        45A 60V
        ZWK-B65 65 6 6 58A 60Vor80V
        ZWK-B87 87 6 6 77A 80V
        ZWK-B100 100 12 12 90A 60V
        ZWK-B130 130 12 12 114A 80V
        ZWK-B180 180 12 12 158A 80V

        For example:


        Transformer—Intelligent Heat-treatment Machine


        ZWK-B50  6 channels

        Output Voltage

        60V Output Voltage


        ZWK-B50 is an intelligent heat treatment machine with a 50KW high-power transformer. The output voltage is 60V and it is divided into 6 independent heating circuits, each of which has a power of 8.3kw /60V. It can meet the parallel use of three standard heaters of 2.7kw /60V at the same time. The temperature recording point is 6.